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Combi 10sl Test Strips (10 Parameters)

Code: 93120

Pack Size: 100

Spearhead's Combi 10sl test strips are designed to provide quick and easy urinalysis results. They will identify even minor pathological changes in urine, making them a reliable urine screening test. Popular in Care environments across the country, these urine test strips can screen for UTIs, diabetes, kidney problems and many other disorders. Each test is carefully packaged to prevent moisture contamination and to ensure optimum performance, and the container is clearly labelled to make interpreting results quick and easy. Each urinalysis test is produced in an ISO90001 and ISO13485 accredited facilities, ensuring the highest quality standards. These are also CE marked for IVD use. Each can contains 100 sticks, which will test for glucose, bilirubin, specific gravity, blood, pH, proteins, urobilinogen, nitrite, and leucocytes. These are a very useful product to help care for each resident of your Care Home.

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