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Alerta Bariatric 2 Replacement System

Code: ALT-9300

Pack Size: Each

The Alerta Bariatric 2 is a replacement alternating air mattress system with cell-on-cell air cells, a static base section and 250mm (10") deep air cells for effective prevention and treatment of bariatric users up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

The simple to use settings and functionality on the Alerta Bariatric 2 allows any care provider to have it set up and operating at optimal pressure for a specific user quickly and easily.

The Alerta Bariatric 2 incorporates cutting-edge SensaCare Truflo Technology®; with constant pressure sensing through an air sensor and microcomputer regulator to provide ultra-low interface pressure, and ultra-silent pump operation to promote an even ambience for natural sleep patterns and stable blood circulation.

Key Features:

  • Pillow function
  • CPR release
  • Anchoring straps for securing to bed
  • Robust pump connection
  • Transport mode
  • 350kg weight capacity

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