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Sanizone Complete Disinfection/Drying Entrance Mat

SZM038, SBM033

Bundle Includes

1 x Entrance Mat ONLY

1 x Sanibrush Disinfectant Mat ONLY

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One of the most difficult aspects of Infection Control is preventing infections arriving from visitors. This disinfection and drying mat provides a meaningful way to help reduce the spread of infections in your Care Home.

The retained edges of the brush section of the mat retains Spearhead Sporicidal disinfectant allowing for one application to be useable for a large number of people entering and leaving your Home; and the drying area helps ensure users can dry their feet, rather than have chemicals on your carpets. This product provides an additional tool in your Homes battle against diseases and helps keep your residents safe.

  • Disinfection Zone clearly marked to create foot wash area.
  • Ramped edge of rubber brushes retains applied disinfectant solution.
  • Raised nibs compress to allow foot traffic to come into contact with disinfectant and scrub the underside of the footwear at the same time
  • Beyond the Disinfectant Zone there is a Drying Zone to dry footwear.
  • 95cm x 250cm size
  • Additional absorbent mat can be used at the end of the mat system for high traffic areas.
  • Polyester pile on vinyl backing with anti-trip borders
  • Total height of mat – 6.5mm
  • Total height of brush area – 14mm
  • Holds approx 2.5 litres of Plat500
  • Please note that the use of a Spearheads sporicidal disinfectant is required for this to have disinfectant properties.

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