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Multiwash Floor Cleaner


Pack Size: Each

This floor cleaner offers a high quality cleaning performance that combines washing, mopping, scrubbing and drying into one easy single pass, saving time in your Care Home. The Multiwash Floor Cleaner can be used on both hard and soft floor coverings, including non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, and entrance matting. It is high speed for quick efficient cleaning, and has excellent maneuverability. The floor cleaner's tanks are easily accessed and removed for fast filling and emptying. The brush head is 340mm width, and the cleaner has a quiet operating system to prevent disruption to your Care Home residents. This floor and carpet cleaner also comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • washing function
  • mopping function
  • scrubbing function
  • drying function
  • works on hard, soft, and difficult surfaces
  • high speed
  • accessible, removable tanks>/li>
  • 340mm brush head
  • quiet system
  • 1 year warranty

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