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Platinum Perfumed Odestroy, Concentrate, 5 Litre


Sold in multiples of: 2

Pack Size: 5 LTR

This 5 litre bottle contains the concentrate formula of our Perfumed Odestroy, the most powerful deodoriser within the Platinum range. Unlike other fumigators, Perfumed Odestroy contains powerful disinfectants to kill the bacteria which cause odour, as well as a pleasant long-lasting fragrance to leave your Care Home smelling fresh and clean. When diluted, this can be used in a spray bottle on a variety of surfaces including carpets, furniture, beds, toilets and mattresses. It is particularly effective on mattresses which are difficult to wash thoroughly. For persistant problems or severe odours, Perfumed Odestroy can also be used at a stronger rate of dilution, or even neat. This makes it a versatile deodoriser ideal for the Care Home.

Perfumed Odestroy is part of the Platinum range, and can be bought as an essential chemical to our complete Care Home cleaning and Infection Control package. It can, however, also be purchased as an individual product.

How to Use

  • Small spillages: dilute 1:10 parts water (500ml per 5 litre) and spray or wipe surface
  • More persistent problems: dilute 1:5 parts water (1 litre per 5 litre) and spray or wipe surface
  • Severe problems: Use 1:1 neat.

  • 5 litre bottle
  • concentrate formula
  • disinfectant
  • long-lasting fragrance
  • multi-surface
  • part of the Platinum plan

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